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dog bite

Injuries can happen anywhere, at a time when you least expect it, and in a manner that you would never have envisioned. When an accident happens as a result of the negligent or careless actions of another person or corporation, you may have a claim for your injuries, damages, medical expenses, and lost wages. An experienced injury attorney can help you navigate your claim.

Accidents can arise in a variety of contexts, including:

  • Premises liability
  • Slip and fall
  • Broken stairs or sidewalks
  • Dog bites
  • Falling objects
  • Fires or explosions
  • Inadequate security
  • Employment torts
  • Products liability
  • Hazardous or unreasonably dangerous activities

Injury attorney Richard A. Vadnal helps injured people in any type of personal injury case, no matter how the injuries were sustained. He helps them seek compensation from the at-fault party to cover the damages and expenses that the injured victim incurs as a result of the accident. Damages are awarded to help innocent parties cover such things as medical expenses, damage to property, lost wages, disfigurement, disability, loss of future earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

Call the law office of Attorney Richard A. Vadnal to schedule your free consultation to assess the merits of your case. Our work is done on a contingency basis, so you will incur no costs, unless we recover for you. Contact us today.

Representative Negligence Cases from Our Injury Attorney

  • A case in the United States District Court, Northern District of New York, involved a young professional man assaulted in a restaurant/bar causing a knee injury (torn patellar tendon) requiring surgery and extensive physical therapy. The business establishment’s liability carrier settled the claim when testimony confirmed that the person causing the assault had been previously banned from its establishment on several occasions due to previous violent acts.
  • A Concord, Lake County, Ohio woman received a settlement after a “gel” candle exploded, causing burns and scarring on her hands. The manufacturer of the candle issued a recall due to the hazards created in the manufacturing of the gel candle.
  • A settlement was obtained after a young woman contracted a serious foot infection after using a hot tub in a hotel in Buffalo, Erie County, New York. Investigation revealed the hotel did not properly clean the hot tub and did not use the proper amount of chemicals to prevent the occurrence.
  • A Middleburg Heights, Cuyahoga County, Oho man received serious foot fractures after furniture movers dropped heavy furniture on his foot, causing permanent injury and damage.
  • A young Wickliffe, Lake County, Ohio girl received a settlement after being attacked by a vicious dog, leaving permanent scarring on her face.
  • A woman received multiple injuries when she was assaulted while watching a movie in a theater in Bainbridge, Geauga County, Ohio. The offender had a known propensity for violence.
  • A young Burton, Geauga County, Ohio boy received a settlement after being attacked by a vicious dog, resulting in permanent scarring on his forehead.
  • An Eastlake, Lake County, Ohio student sustained burn injuries after an explosion occurred in a welding class. Our investigation determined that flammable liquids were negligently stored in an unmarked container and left near the site of a welding class.
  • A client suffered a herniated lumbar disc, requiring extensive medical care and physical therapy due to a fall at a business establishment in Chagrin Falls, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. The fall was caused by a hole in the floor of the business establishment. Our investigation revealed that the business owner attempted to conceal the hole in the floor with an area rug/mat. Despite the rug/mat, the client fell when her foot became stuck in the hole.
  • A woman suffered shoulder injuries due to a fall in a store in Euclid, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. The fall was caused by water that accumulated on the floor leaking from a vending machine. Our investigation determined that maintenance workers inadvertently failed to attach a hose underneath the vending machine responsible for diverting the water overflow into the nearby drain. The shoulder injuries required cortisone shots and extensive physical therapy.
  • An elderly Cleveland woman was injured after falling outside of a U.S. Post Office. A claim was made under the Federal Tort Claims Act. Injuries required epidural steroid injections from a pain management physician. The fall occurred after the Post Office created a known hazardous, but concealed, condition in the parking lot when maintenance workers removed metal guard rails (leaving small steel rods protruding from the ground causing a trip hazard).
  • An elderly Highland Heights, Cuyahoga County, Ohio woman suffered a brain injury with post- concussive syndrome when she was knocked to the ground by a grocery store worker negligently moving shopping carts. The grocery store worker was pushing numerous shopping carts but not paying attention or looking where he was going when he ran over the elderly woman, throwing her to the ground and causing her to hit her head on the pavement.
  • A Euclid, Cuyahoga County, Ohio man sustained a significant knee injury after falling at the entrance of a business establishment that permitted its floor mats to be rolled up and unfastened to the floor, causing a trip hazard.
  • A Lexington, Richland County, Ohio man sustained neck, back, and knee injuries after falling through an outdoor wooden staircase when the steps fractured. Our investigation revealed that improper nails were used to fasten the stairs to the frame, permitting the steps to fracture without warning.
  • A Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga County, Ohio woman sustained a severe elbow fracture, requiring surgical pinning after she fell in a parking lot due to a hidden defect in the pavement. Investigation revealed the parking lot’s owner created an internal memorandum years before, directing the property manager to repair the defect. The defect was never repaired as requested until after the trip and fall caused our client’s massive injuries.
  • A Mayfield Village, Cuyahoga County, Ohio man received a severe fracture to his femur requiring surgery when workers (contractors) he hired to move his piano lost control sending the piano down a flight of stairs crushing the man’s leg.